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Tailor measuring tape is used widely for home and shop, an ideal gift for tailors. Measure your cloth in either CM or Inch, and measure your size, check your progress if you are on diet. Wintape has found the perfect balance between durability and flexibility in Wintape tailor measuring tape products, wear-resistant, non-stretch vinyl-coated fiberglass and metal end pieces, all of which comes together to create a soft yet durable product. Not only can Wintape tailors tape be easily wrapped around customers’ chests, arms, or waists time and time again, but it can also maintain accuracy.
A quality tailor measuring tape can help a seamstress or tailor transform an average outfit into a custom-made masterpiece. With accurate measurements, you can make your clients’ clothing fit them like a glove from the hem to the collar. That’s why our tailor measuring tape features two measurement systems. On the one hand, you’ll see large, easy-to-read inch increments for quick measurements. In those times when you need a bit more accuracy, simply flip the tape measure over for metric measurements down to the millimeter with no guessing or “eyeballing” required.
Wintape is not only a custom tape measure supplier but also a regular tape measure manufacturer. It is a specialist with 20 years’ experience in producing reliable tape measure.

5 Optional Color Fiberglass Handy 1.5M/60inch Sewing Tape Measure


• Customized service includes packing design
• Quality PVC supports clear scale markings printing and waterproof
• User-friendly design of double sided scale for different countries

Plastic tailoring New Invention body dressmaker Tape Measure Measurement


• PE measurement tape measure is made with PE plastics and fiberglass, fiberglass can make the tape more strong and flexible. PE tape with fiberglass provides superior measurement consistency.
• Water and stain resistant; large easy-to-read markings on high-contrast background.
• This ruler measure ranges from 0-150 cm and 0-60Inch. Surely, we can also be able to provide tape measure of other sizes, for example, 1m/1.5m/1.8m/2m/3m and so on.
• PE tape measure is lead-free, phthalate free, and eco-friendly.
• Used widely for home and company. It also serves as a measuring tool for carpenter, earthwork and construction, etc. Great accessory for daily life. Great for home use to measure cloth sizes.

300cm Anti Stretching Personalized Logo Garment Measuring Tape for Sewing


•  Made with PVC and fiberglass, Eco-friendly PVC plastic tape, Wintape tailor tape measure can pass ROHS, En-71 and 6P (without phthalate)environmental testing, PE plastic tape measure especially fit Japanese market with more stringent environmental requirements.
•  As for meeting a customer's requirements , there are many ways to customize a sewing tape. There are many size to choose, 1.5m/60" x 13mm; 1.5m/"x 16mm;  1.5m/60“x20mm;  1.8m/72"x 16mm;   2m/79"x16mm; 3m/120"x20mm and so on.
•  We offer you customized choice of a variety of innovative shapes,colors, branding methods, logo placements and printing for your unique gifts.
•  Metal ends keep the measuring tape from fraying; Large, easy to read markings; cloth tape measure; body tape measure,sewing tape measure,measuring tape tailor,120 inch soft tape measure,measuring tape sewing.
•  Compact fiberglass tape measure is handy to have around the house or to carry in your pocket or purse.

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