Clothing and Tailor Tape Measure

Wintape specialized in making various tape measures. A wide range of sizes, scales, colors, designs, and materials are available. Different types of measuring tapes used in sewing. 
Based on the size, we have regular size like 152cm/60inch length which is widely used in measuring body parts; if you want longer size, we can offer 205cm/80inch, 254cm/100inch, and 300cm/120inch as well. Those is useful for measuring curtains, quilts, and other home decor stuff. Other customized sizes are available too. For width,13mm/16mm/19mm/25mm are standard sizes. 
There are two types of tape measurements – metric measurements and imperial measurements.
Metric measurement markings represent measurements in centimeters and millimeters and meters; Imperial measurement markings represent measurements in inches and feet and fractions of inches. Most of our tailor measuring tape has both measurements, but we have only metric scales item for the markets which do not use imperial measurement.
Standard white color, classical black color, and blue, pink, yellow, blue and green colors are the main colors for plastic tape measures background. CMYK full-color printing and other customized design workable on fiberglass tape, paper ruler and polyester measuring tape.
Measuring tapes for tailors and seamstresses are generally made of PVC or PE coated fiberglass, polyester and paper (disposable paper, synthetic paper, Tyvek). Perfect for tailoring, sewing, or tracking fitness and dieting results. Our plastic tailor’s tapes are made of durable yet soft, wear-resistant, and non-stretch vinyl-coated fiberglass with silver or gold ends. They are designed to remain soft and flexible while maintaining accuracy and standing up to long periods of tailoring and other uses ;
The disposable paper tape measure is a lightweight, eco-friendly material, it is a one-time use item. when it is used correctly can help eliminate the risks of cross-infection when assessing wounds and during other measurement tasks;
Polyester measuring ruler is soft, safe and comfortable for body measuring, such as bra size, waist, arm, leg sizes. Full-color design is workable on this fabric material.

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