A list of 8 Recommended Measuring Tape Manufacturers On Amazon

Wintape Measuring Tape is a reliable wholesale supplier that has 20 years’ manufacturing and administrative experience. It provides regular products and customized service at a competitive price and of high quality. Wintape is one of the premier measuring tape manufacturers that specialized in retractable body tape measure, sewing and tailor tape measure, diameter tape measure, steel tape measure, medical tape measure and animal weight tape measure. The bellow passages also list 7 other measuring tape manufacturers in USA and includes the details about the companies and their products for your information.

Chappell Universal Square
Made in the USA. The Chappell Square 25 foot tape measure is scaled in decimal inches. When used in conjunction with their versatile Framing Squares and Rules, this tape measure creates one fluid layout system.

Features an ergonomically designed housing handle with tactile rubber grip for balance and comfort. Includes a freewheeling hub for fast pay out of blade without spinning crank. Massive crank arm with large, easy-grip knob for comfort and reliability. Knob folds down for storage. Locking pawl enables proper blade tension during measurement.

Lufkin Tool
Started in Cleveland, Ohio in 1869, The E. T. Lufkin Board and Log Rule Manufacturing Company served the logging industry. Today, Lufkin is a premier measuring products brand from Apex Tool Group, one of the largest hand tool measuring tape manufacturers in the world. Lufkin power tapes, rules, long tapes, oil gauging tapes, and measuring wheels provide precise measurements for professionals requirement.

Perfect Measuring Tape
The Perfect Measuring Tape Company has provided precision measurement and inventory systems to customers throughout the United States and in more than 30 countries Since 1912. We strive to provide the textile, construction, and medical industries with best quality tools at competitive prices .A recipient of the prestigious President’s “E” Award for outstanding commitment to strengthening America’s global competitiveness and the Ohio Governor’s Excellence in Exporting Award, its reputation for quality is unsurpassed. It manufactures and assembles measuring tapes in the USA.

Silver Mine Gifts
Sterling Silver Tape Measure - Made in the USA, this sterling silver tape measure has a highly polished smooth finish both on the top and the bottom. This sterling silver tape measure is perfect to be engraved with a monogram, name or your special message on the front.

For over 170 years, STANLEY® has developed and delivered tools that have helped to build this great nation of ours. STANLEY® continue to keep the tradition of innovation with a full lineup of products made right here in the U.S.A with materials from all over the world. They’re committed to creating the next generation of tools that will keep America running strong.

US Tape
As a company, U.S. Tape proudly looks back on its long history while at the same time it looks forward to its future growth. Founded by surveyor Justus Roe in 1876, U.S. Tape has been an innovator in the invention and manufacture of steel tape measures and the printing press designs that continue to serve as industry benchmarks. U.S. Tape continues to manufacture our Spencer forestry logger tapes, most oil tank gauging tapes, and a line of short and long measuring tapes here in our Pennsburg, PA facility. We are also a distributor of other tape measures and specialty tools of high quality for professional users.



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